Directed to writers at any level interested in venting through the cathartic exercise of writing. Any format of writing, any genre. Place, time and date to be announced. 


A series of classes for beginner through professional painters who wish to express their cultura through the art of painting. Place, time and date to be announced. 


Beginner through expert photographers will travel with the instructor through the Valley to capture the essence of the RGV. Pictures can be taken with professional cameras or with cellphones. Place, time and date to be announced. 


The group will organize to create a mural on a wall from a public space in the Valley. No professional experience required. Place, time and date to be announced. 

El Valley through My Eyes

Writing workshop for youth writers to express themselves regarding what they've lived, their cultura and how they identify with the Valley through their eyes. Place, time and date to be announced. 


This ain't a one-person show. Most of the artists who help us have a full time job, so we get it. You don't have to punch in your time card with us. If you work with us, all you have to do is mean it. This who we need:


  • Videographers

  • Editors

  • Writers

  • Show Hosts

  • Actresses/Actors

  • Content Creators

If you really are interested and committed, email us to with your name, contact info and what you'd be interested in helping out. Mucho amor. 

The purpose of artivism is not limited to protest and anarchy, but goes beyond, passing through expression, purpose, identity, and culture. At MexArtivist, we are big believers in the power art has and the relevance that the visual arts have today in the world. This is why MexArtivist, in partnership with the South Texas International Film Festival (STXIFF), the Edinburg Arts Foundation and the City of Edinburg, has created the Pueblo Short Film + Action Competition.

While we know how impactful films are in our society, we think that in order to create a true change through our art, we must follow through with action. With film as our medium, the Pueblo Competition’s goal is to motivate and execute a plan of action to better an aspect of society we think needs attention.

The short films submitted here will be considered as part one of the competition. The second stage of the contest requires a proposal directed at solving a social issue in the Rio Grande Valley. We hope that with this competition, artists will realize the need for action through art, and that our pueblo will realize what artivism can do.



  1. The 1st MexArtivist Pueblo Short Film + Action Competition is limited to residents of the Rio Grande Valley including Cameron, Starr, and Hidalgo County.

  2. The competition will consist of two parts:

    1. Short Film Competition

    2. Social Action Plan

  3. Short Films submitted should be between one (1) and five (5) minutes including credits and must have been completed after January 2018.

  4. Short Films may be of any genre and topic but must be tied with the Social Action Plan from the second part of the competition. For example, if the Social Action Plan is regarding pollution, the Short Film’s topic should be about pollution.

  5. The Social Action Plan must be submitted together with the Short Film in a PDF document through the appointed channels. The Social Action Plan must include:

    1. Title of the Social Action Plan

    2. Names of the Artists and/or Producers in charge of the plan

    3. Outline of the social issue (150-300 words)

    4. Proposal to improve the social issue (1-2 pages)

    5. Resources needed and resources owned (150-300 words)

    6. Budget for Social Action Plan (Note: must not exceed $2,000)

  6. Short Films and Social Action Plans must be submitted by ____________ before 11:59 PM through Film Freeway. There will be no exceptions.

  7. There will be a total of five (5) finalists which will be selected by the MexArtivist and STXIFF team and notified by _____________.

  8. The selected projects (Short Films and Social Action Plan) will be presented on _____________ at the Edinburg Municipal Auditorium. Artists and/or Producers must attend the event in order to not be disqualified.

  9. The single winner of the competition will be announced on that same day and shall receive $2,000 in funds to complete the Social Action Plan under the supervision of the MexArtivist team. The Social Action Plan must be completed within ninety (90) days from the day of delivery of funds.

  10. The Jury will be comprised of a select group of three (3) individuals who will decide on the single winner. The Jury’s decision is final.

  11. Any other matter not noted on these guidelines will be determined by the MexArtivist team. For all other inquiries, please email us at

1st MexArtivist Pueblo Short Film + Action Plan Contest